COTA lap before MotoGP

GoPro Hero 3+ Mounted facing backwards. Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

Four Seasons Vancouver

Received an email late in the day. “We’re going to Whistler” It was not so much a question as a statement of fact. Soon? Sounds good. Canada? It’s been a while. The itinerary was a whirlwind. A day in Vancouver, two more in Whistler then back to the states. I understood that food, lodging and snowboarding were to be provided, I was unaware that I’d be issued a family for the trip. A travel blogger, vagabond, cookbook author, fighter pilot, startup founder/speaker/author, mom tech writer and 2 Travel PR pros. Settling into my room was easy, was greeted with a well executed amenities tray and a choice of bathrooms in my suite to use (a rare problem.) Didn’t get too settled as the group was gathering to watch the Super Bowl downstairs in Yew. Being that Vancouver is in Canada, we were denied the US Super Bowl commercials. The trade was worth it. Dinner afterwards was amazing, as was breakfast (pictured above) In the morning I had time for a quick walk to Gastown as much of Vancouver is accessible on foot from the front door. Weather required nothing more than a merino sweater, nice in February. By noon I was packing up and headed along the sea to sky highway where the Four Seasons Resort Whistler was waiting for us.


Twitter for Mac Back in Black

I’ve been enjoying the long overdue Twitter for Mac since the Mac App Store opened on the 6th. Love it. Tweetie was my favorite Mac Twitter client and still in use right up until the 6th. The 2.0 release adds list & retweet support, the only things that were really missing. It has everything I need, nothing that I don’t. I downloaded it on my Mac Mini yesterday and noticed the blue icon… I could have sworn that the app was supposed to have a black icon. Checked the MacBook. Sure enough, the update from 2.0 to 2.0.1 changes the icon blue.

Black Twitter Icons

I like the black icon, so I changed it back. To change it back on your machine:

  1. Download and unzip these Black Twitter Icons
  2. In the Applications folder select the Twitter app and ⌘+I to get info
  3. Select the black icon and ⌘+I to open it’s info
  4. Click the lock in the lower right corner of Twitter’s info window to allow changes
  5. Change the permissions for ‘everyone’ to Read & Write
  6. Click the black icon in the icon’s info window’s upper left corner and ⌘+C to copy
  7. Click the blue icon in the app’s info window’s upper left corner and ⌘+V to paste
  8. Close and relaunch the Twitter app

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PodCamp Boulder


PodCamp Boulder returns in 2011!

PodCamp Boulder 3 will be held February 4-5, 2011 at Boulder Digital Arts (1600 Range St, Boulder)

How’s it going down?

Starting at 7:00 Friday night we’ll get together over drinks and in front of a whiteboard to hash out the Saturday schedule. Knowledge to drop? Things you’ve been curious about? So long as it’s in the realm of creating / posting (Audio, Video, Photos, Blogs/Microblogs) , it’s fair game. We’ll wrap at 9:00 having decided both what sessions / panels / discussions will be happening, and when we want to be back in the morning. (9:00-5:00 Saturday) All are welcome. Invite a friend. Bring your gear, bring a good attitude.

Still not sure?

Photos from PodCamp Boulder 1 & 2.

PodCamp Boulder 2009 hour by hour

Awesome sponsors making PodCamp happen:

Boulder Digital Arts
Xing Tea

Questions? Comment below or contact jeremy at / 248-990-3862

Head to Facebook and Like PodCamp Boulder

Looking for the PodCamp Boulder 2010 page?

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