1000 Cubes for SXSW

Kifaru E&EThat’s a box, 2 inches shy of a foot on every side 10″x10″x10″, all the more I’m going to fly to Austin with. If it doesn’t fit in the bag, it’s not coming. I’ll be around for 77 hours (we’re losing an hour to daylight saving time, remember to set those clocks back forward kids) In midnight Saturday morning, out early Tuesday. Sort of a snack-size SXSW. Leaving the laptop and SLR at home, packing one T-shirt (I hear they’re going to be growing on trees), one pair of shoes, underwear for each day and a jacket. I can avoid doing laundry before leaving if I buy new socks before heading out. Twitter updates @Penguin and I’ll edit this post when I figure out where the iPhone images are going to end up from the weekend.


  • http://www.alikelystory.blogs.com Kath

    You’ve probably figured out by now that clocks needed to be set an hour ahead :-)

  • http://jeremytanner.com Jeremy

    @Kath Ahh, of course! Fixed.