6th Photo

Grace Boyle tagged me in the 6th Photo Meme that’s going around. My mission should I chose to accept it: Go to page 6, image 6 on my Flickr stream and post it up. Tag 6 more, call it a post. That image and an explanation follow.

Inside Startup Weeekend: Ben

The Cutline theme for WordPress was acting up and Vimeo videos weren’t embedding properly. This is the cheap hack I used to make a fake embed for the Inside Startup Weekend series from Startup Weekend Boston. A confessional stye video of my friend Ben Brightwell who came out to help out with the weekend. The video in question. Ben’s twin brother Len.

Up next are…
Ben Carlson
Matt Gist
Tyler Willis
Heather B
Aimee Greeblemonkey

Annnnnnnd GO!

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