Be Different

Mitch Joel asked for social media best practices earlier in the week, tagging Chris Brogan, who tagged Micah who ended up tagging me.  For wearing a kilt of all reasons.  Though I suppose the kilt could be considered inline with this social media best practice: BE DIFFERENT. Facebook now has 100 Million members.  Twitter has millions of users.  What makes a person or brand both noticeable and memorable is standing out from the millions that surround you.  Face to face that may mean having a different dress or look about you.  One can also be different by joining a circle outside your usual path.  Example: Micah, Andrew and the other men who attended the BlogHer conference this year.  Being men in a sea of lady bloggers made them easy to find and hard to forget.



Wrapping up, I’d like to get my friends, Sally Strebel, Joel Postman and Devin Reams to weigh in.

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  • Kary Rivera

    Totally agree Jeremy. Nobody can be you, so that makes you different from the millions. You have to figure out how you can rise above the noise and stand out. Different is good and definitely unforgettable!

    Love the kilt by the way!

  • Gerhard Rivera

    Be yourself and you will be different. Just don’t try too hard at it.

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  • Devin Reams

    This is exactly the reason I had my parents give me red hair. Well put!

  • James

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  • Ricardo Bueno

    I met Chris Brogan face-to-face this weekend at the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. He recognized me as I was walking up and asked “where my hat was.” [Note: if you look at the header on my site, I”m wearing a hat in the photo.] Anyway, it was suggested by him and Jason Falls that I wear the hat the rest of the expo. As it turns out, it was good branding and everyone loved the hat; it was different.

  • James

    do you know your blog is listed on this blackhat site?

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  • pofien

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  • Damien

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