Twitter for Mac Back in Black

I’ve been enjoying the long overdue Twitter for Mac since the Mac App Store opened on the 6th. Love it. Tweetie was my favorite Mac Twitter client and still in use right up until the 6th. The 2.0 release adds list & retweet support, the only things that were really missing. It has everything I need, nothing that I don’t. I downloaded it on my Mac Mini yesterday and noticed the blue icon… I could have sworn that the app was supposed to have a black icon. Checked the MacBook. Sure enough, the update from 2.0 to 2.0.1 changes the icon blue.

Black Twitter Icons

I like the black icon, so I changed it back. To change it back on your machine:

  1. Download and unzip these Black Twitter Icons
  2. In the Applications folder select the Twitter app and ⌘+I to get info
  3. Select the black icon and ⌘+I to open it’s info
  4. Click the lock in the lower right corner of Twitter’s info window to allow changes
  5. Change the permissions for ‘everyone’ to Read & Write
  6. Click the black icon in the icon’s info window’s upper left corner and ⌘+C to copy
  7. Click the blue icon in the app’s info window’s upper left corner and ⌘+V to paste
  8. Close and relaunch the Twitter app

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  • Zack Shapiro

    Nice! Thanks Jeremy!

  • Anonymous

    At first I resisted. Then the little blue bird attacked my screen, and had to go.

    Thanks for the tutorial.