Crunk Energy on Where The Fun’s At

So there are a lot of other great shows out there. We figured doing a “tribute” episode would be fun. Since it’s a bit early in the day for wine, we’re trying Crunk Energy Drink. There are also more ways to watch now. Andrew grabbed a domain – Look through the previous episodes, watch this one larger or read the show notes at We’re coming soon to the iTunes podcast store. And is providing rss of the full files for each episode so you can add us as a channel on Boxee or other media centers that accept rss. Tell us what we’re doing wrong, what we’re doing right and as always, send large bags of money.

Edit: Berry Crunk Energy provided for review by Crunk Energy.

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  • Rylan B

    haha I like it! Fun episode and a nice GaryVee send-up. The Cognac part made me laugh out loud when that came out.

    Good stuff guys! Hella Crunk!

  • http://ww.dirkshaw,com Dirk shaw

    “Equally Crunk” that is an instant classic.

  • nancy compton

    Too funny! For future energy drink and cognac tastings. perhaps you can try a bomber class.

    So – I have one question for Jeremy… “Do you regularly carry that knife?” Certainly not through airport security, though.

  • Jake S

    First time catching this – good times.
    And yes, that’s a hell of a knife. I’m also a geek who routinely carries “scary” (to other people) fast-opening knives, so you hit a soft spot with that.

  • Jeremy Tanner

    @nancy and @Jake

    I have a knife / flashlight in my pockets pretty much whenever I’m wearing pants. I sometimes chuckle though, “Why do you have those?” the response is usually “What did I just use them for?” The mountains are just up the street!


  • peter

    J, wanna make a channel (like playlist of vids) and add it to There’s about 2000 channels now. More comedy channels needed!

  • avneron

    brilliant!! and thanks for the boxee plug ;)

  • Evan

    Found you guys through @boxee. Definitely going to add the show to boxee.