Fiesta Countdown now at 10 days

Ford FiestaI got the call(s) last month form the Fiesta Movement, for the next 6 months I’ll be a Ford Fiesta Agent, test driving the Euro-spec Fiesta, providing feedback for the Americas version being developed and talking about my experiences. Out of 560 or so, my application video was one of the 100 that the selection committee liked, paired with my love of cars from Germany (This Fiesta is put together in Cologne) and a promise to write and make videos. I’ve been a small hatchback fan for quite a while, my last car was a MkIII VW GTI VR6. Last month the Fiesta beat out the VW Golf in sales to be Europe’s best selling car. Many of the best cars never make it across the Atlantic, I’d like to see more of this going on.

I’ll be picking up a neon green one in Denver next Wednesday, then driving it up for Ignite Boulder. I’m unsure what else the summer holds, likely a few road trips and a Rally America event or two… I’ll keep you updated.

Another Jeremy enjoyed his time piloting the Fiesta on Top Gear:

Looks like fun, Who wants a ride?

Disclosure: Ford will be providing a Euro Fiesta, Insurance and Gas for 6 months.

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  • Joe Zuccaro

    Good, authentic video!

  • Brian

    Wow, that Top Gear video was rad! They never fail to amaze.

    Have fun with the Fiesta! Hope you get asked to take part in a beach assault with the Royal Marines, so the car can show you what it’s really made of.

  • Paul Stamatiou

    Wow that is one of the best top gear reviews! Shopping mall chase and beach landing hahaha.

    I got a lime green Fiesta coming my way too! Get it this saturday.