Finally Some Win From Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines
When I call you out, it’s not because I don’t like you.  It’s usually because I do, and we both know you can do better.  I’ve been a fan of Frontier Airlines since making DEN my home airport, flying upwards of 30,000 miles. Last month, I fired the shot that started a Frontier hatefest (Empty seat PHX). If you’ve not been following along, Andrew Hyde wrote:

In short, fellow light packer Andrew and I make it to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport and try to fly back to Denver. I make it. Andrew doesn’t.  Not for lack of seats (though that was the excuse given.)  Unbeknownst to  most travelers, Frontier had changed their policies to no longer allow free same-day standby.  Switching to an earlier flight was now $150 plus the difference in ticket cost (Impossible if you were flying on miles.)  Frontier later drops this charge to a flat $75. Every time I’ve flown since, I’ve been told “We’re working on it, it’ll be better soon.” Instead of an email I learned about the policy switch at the airport when flying out for Christmas. Frontier had placed standup posters up and down it’s terminal. Introducing AirFairs, Frontier’s new 3 tier ticketing system.

From a quick look at fare prices, economy seems to be priced lower than the standard ticket was before AirFairs came along.  If you’re packing light, willing to take a middle seat (Economy plan gets last choice of seating) and don’t need earlier/later flight flexibility, by all means, save yourself some money.  If you want some flexibility in your flights, Classic Plus allows you to pay a bit upfront (about $50 extra) to insure against a $150 change/standby fee.

Well done Frontier! I appreciate the options. The program has made me a good deal happier with your company (good thing too, as I’ll be wheels up on another Frontier flight in 24 hours.) As you continue to listen more closely to your customers, your airline will only get better.

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