The Fiesta Makes it Across the Pond

Ford Fiesta

So begins my Fiestaventure. I picked the Fiesta up at the track Wednesday with 150 miles on it. We were able to familiarize ourselves with the car in the paddock area and get the feel of the standard gearbox. My last 2 cars (VW GTI, Audi 4000 Quattro) both featured a standard transmissions. It’s not like riding a bike, but it does come right back to you. Ford brought out instructors from some of the top driving schools, I had the good fortune to be paired with Jay Tischler for a few laps around the track at High Plains Raceway. I found myself smiling when I wasn’t concentrating too hard on cornering… the inline 4 only produces 119 HP, but it’s a fun little car. (A 60HP version is available in Europe, I shudder to think of it’s 0-60 time.) Speaking of Europe, though the car was manufactured in Germany I think that who it was designed for made a larger impact than where it was assembled. To drivers in Europe, small doesn’t mean cheap, it just means better on gas, easier to park and possibly, more fun to drive. These Fiestas have leather steering wheels, the keyless system found on the more expensive Lincolns, USB ports, some have heated leather seats. I favor the European style, I’d give up cup holders and cruise control to get a tighter suspension, a standard gearbox and summer tires.

Thoughts from the first 48 hours:

In conjunction with the Fiestamovement there’s a ride and drive tour coming across the states with the goal of giving 100,000 test drives. A fleet of Fiestas will be downtown Boulder next Wednesday (May 6th) and around Colorado through the 10th.

Ride and Drive Dates

I’ll be driving mine around the Front Range and out to different motorsport events; I’m most excited for Rally, American Le Mans, MotoGP and the Pikes Peak Hillclimb… what else shouldn’t I miss?



  • Hilary

    Nice post! Looking forward to seeing you at various events! :D

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Right on man, glad to see the pics and the post was cool. When/where are you going to MotoGP? I may be interested in goin with you.
    Glad you like the Fiesta

  • Jeremy Tanner

    @Hilary Hope to meet you and your Fiesta soon!

    @Chuck The US gets 2 MotoGP races this year, lucky us! Laguna Seca July 5th and Indy August 30th. I’m leaning toward the race in California, if you’ve never seen the corkscrew, that alone is pretty much worth the trip.


  • Shauna Nicholson

    I like the green-ness. It’s a sassy ‘lil thing.

    As a GTI owner + lover, I have to sympathize with your new slower get up.

    Have fun, Jeremy!

  • http://USN Dawg

    Nice review Jeremy. I will be watching your Fiestadventures. By the way, that green is the stuff. I like it.

  • Brian DeWitt

    Congrats!! I love a rear fog light as well. Its the best thing. :)