I Don’t Want to do Anything This Year

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I’m only three weeks into the new year, that means there’s still plenty of time for navel gazing introspective posts. 2009 is the year that I don’t want to do anything. This does not mean I’m looking to be a slacker, completely the contrary in fact. It’s just that in previous years I’ve wanted to write more, wanted to take more photos, wanted to travel more, wanted be a better friend. Sometimes things worked out. Sometimes they did not. I don’t want any of that this year. I will write more. I’ll work to become a more effective communicator. I’ll speak at more conferences. I’ll be organizing more community events. I’ll work more with video. (New weekly show TBA this weekend) I’ll share more pictures. Wanting is one step removed from wishing. Making a list of wants / wishes without resolve is a roadmap to disappointment.

Are you wanting, wishing or working?

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  • http://SweetGeek.TV Griffin

    I made the decision to start doing more video and more of what I wanted last year and it really turned out pretty decent. I do a daily video show and I enjoy the time spent with my gf, dogs, and friends.

    The one thing I’m looking to do this year is network more with people locally that understand what I’m doing (which is hard because I’m all over the place). I plan to start that with Podcamp this Friday/Saturday. Very excited for that.

    So back to your post, go for the goal and just crush it Jeremy.. I look forward to meeting you and keep in touch with you throughout 2009. :) //g

  • http://www.tiredofitall.com Beau Blackwell

    Hmm, maybe if I decide I want to do less in 2009, I’ll actually fail and end up doing more (in a good way)? Might be worth a shot!

  • http://www.artifacting.com/blog hubs

    All three, actually.

  • http://www.zizigi.com Gerhard Rivera

    So wanted is being replaced with doing. Excited to hear about the new show.

  • http://learntoduck.com Micah Baldwin

    I look forward to learning from you this year. Just remember that you are always better than you think you are, and worse that you think you should be…and of course, dont ever let the head outgrow the hair.