Making shirts? Do it right.

Opera ShirtFrom recent travels and conferences, I now have a large pile of T-shirts, and a much smaller pile that made it into the daily rotation.  The point is this, if you’re going to print promo T-shirts, do it right.  First rule, unless your company logo is So Hot Right Now™, have the shirts designed.  If the guy in marketing thinks it looks good, it doesn’t.  A design specific to an event can also earn extra points.  Second, if you want people to wear the shirts, print on American Apparel.  Sure, it costs twice as much, but the shirts will be worn more than 10 times more often.  People wear shirts that are comfortable, my favorite shirt was an American Apparel shirt before I knew what American Apparel was.  Lastly, don’t go with a large solid print on the shirts, it makes them wear like plastic bags, they don’t breathe at all.  And there it is, how to keep your promo T-shirts from ending up as rags.


  • Ben Carlson

    So are you saying you like the Opera shirt? =) I agree though, quality shirts are worth the extra cost.

  • Jeremy

    Yeah, the Opera shirt ROCKS! And the back it has dates for the Opera World Domination Tour.

  • Kath

    I am with you on American Apparel…so very comfy!

  • D. Money

    Jere + American Apparel? Never thought I’d see the day. In other news, I was just on the phone with your boo and she said you should sponsor me as a racer. I would be willing to put an Under the Gun Media logo on my singlet as well as on the custom warmups financed by you. Ya girl is brilliant. I will be calling soon to further discuss this arrangement. In the meantime, consider: I have placed in the top three (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st) in my division in the last four races I have done over a variety of distances (10K, 4-mile, Half Marathon, 10-mile) which means lots of awards ceremonies and face time. Think about it. Pleeeeeaaaaase, I love you. LOL.

  • willo

    yay! all my willotoons tees are done on american apparel!

  • Jonny Goldstein

    Absolutely. And American Apparel shirts ain’t that expensive wholesale. Definitely a good investment for marketers.

  • Patrick Byers

    Couldn’t agree more on quality shirts. Same goes for hats. And swag, generally. My favorite shirt (wearing it now, in fact) is from The Elk Public House in Spokane. I don’t even know if the place is still in business, but the shirt is still going strong.

  • Dave Haucke

    Is part of doing it right include NOT combining an Iron Maiden font with a co-opted Metallica album title? Or am I being too pedantic? Bueller?

    FTR, I still dig the shirt.