NOS Energy Drink. It’ll redline your heart.

NOS DrinkThe next time you’re looking to fill your body with life-threatening levels of performance enhancing nutritional supplements disguised as a soda, reach for a NOS. Normally reserved for the climax scenes in the Fast and Furious Trilogy, NOS has crossed over into the energy drink market. Upon the recommendation of a friend who drinks enough of the stuff to float a Carnival cruise, I gave NOS a shot. Now I’m legally required to mention that NOS is not for everyone. NOS is not for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant. NOS is not for children or those sensitive to caffeine. If you experience lightheadedness, heart pains or death while using the NOS, discontinue drinking it immediately. I was initially skeptical, but NOS tastes better, goes down smoother and packs a better punch than most energy drinks.

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  • Dave

    I will let you know if I experience death from drinking.

  • Paul

    This scares the shit out of me. I want some.

  • RobertB

    Add any pictures of your NOS products or related experiences to our group. Thanks

    Add to the NOS energy group:


    Very Nice Site! Thanx!

  • Pickleh x.X

    HAHA i drink like 3 of these at a time!! LOVE IT!! Makes me wildly hyper!! Surprsingly i haven’t dropped dead from a heart attack ><

  • Ashley

    Meh.. I’m only a 15 year old girl and I drink Nos, I can handle It.. It’s nothing really.. Unless your a pussy.. Plus I love to drink It when I game because It get’s me hyper and I totally Pwn at any game I play. xP (If you just red Own as In Pwn then your a total n00b, kthxbai)