Off to Seattle

Blogworld may be sending me to Gnomedex this year… This October will be my third Blogworld Expo, a solid conference in 2007 and even better in 2008. This year I’ll be moderating the “Blog as a Community Springboard Panel” with Jenn Van Grove, George Smith Jr, Bryan Elliott and Keith Burtis. Very much looking forward to it. ┬áToday I’m packing up the Fiesta and heading to Seattle to meet with Project H, a non-profit that uses industrial design to make people’s lives better. After that Gnomedex will be on… I sometimes do, I procrastinated on buying a badge, it looks like my procrastination may have just paid off. Blogword just offered up a badge at the last minute. I’ve intended to go, but this is the first year that the timing has worked. It’ll be good to catch up with my friends in Seattle and those that are in for the conf. See you in Seattle!

20 Hours to Seattle…

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