Phoenix brings the heat

In October I flew down to Phoenix twice, first to run Startup Weekend Phoenix, then for PodCampAZ. Had a great time and made quite a few friends. Startup Weekend came off great, due to on-the-ground planners Gregg Drennan and Brian Shaler. Gangplank was a perfect location with plenty of space and several breakout rooms for the individual teams.  Fruits of the teams labor were TechCrunched.  I’ll be watching Twitrratr develop and anxiously awaiting the public launch of Reserve Chute (Back that SaaS up!)

I was back 11 days later for PodcampAZ. Brent Spore, Evo Terra and a small army of other volunteers pulled off a solid event. Sessions were great, I caught video with Clintus, Jack Mangan‘s Pod Taint, Jeremy Vaught and Pam Slim on making real money, introduced Andrew Hyde and saw more Shaler than you can shake a stick at. Also made it to Austin Baker‘s ‘How Social Media changed my life’ and was there for the temporary death of TheMacMommy‘s car.  I nearly pulled a Raising Arizona and stole a baby, but carry on luggage has been limited to one piece.

I came away with an appreciation of Phoenix and a strong desire to return, especialy over the winter when it’ll be something like 80º there. Anchored by Gangplank and several local coffee meetups, the Phoenix tech community is building, slowed slightly by covering an enormous land area (5th or US City) There are upsides to this, since there’s space for it, everyone seems to have a huge house. “Why are you renting a 6,000 square foot place with a ballroom?” “Because it’s cheaper than the house with the indoor tennis courts.”

Keep rockin’ Phoenix, see you soon.

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  • Jamie Martin

    Glad you enjoyed your stay. :)

  • Alex Berger

    Great having you in the valley! Enjoyed meeting you and your contributions to the PodCamp AZ dialogue. Hope you’ll join us down here again soon!

  • Chuck Reynolds

    So you DID like our ballroom? Gotta see the new HD hottness in the LR now. Anyways it was great to meet you at both events aforementioned and hope we can hang out again.
    Keep it real and ride safe man.

  • Sean Tierney

    Dear Boulder, Phoenix is hereby annexing Penguin for our community. kthxbai

    dually signed and ratified by
    -everyone in the Phx tech scene-

  • Evo Terra

    Yeah, we’ve got to keep on rockin. Ain’t never gonna stop. Gotta keep on rockin’. Some day we’ll make it to the top.

    [passes baton…]

  • Pamela Slim

    Great to have you here in Phoenix Jeremy, come back soon! And if you need a place to stay, we have an extra basketball gymnasium in our backyard. :)


    We do have a guest bed thought. :)


  • Andrew Hyde

    @Sean Tierney I will fight you for him. :)

  • Jeremy Vaught

    Thanks Other Jeremy,
    It was pretty sweet. You are welcome back anytime. Please pass along the message to Boulder that, “We will bury you!”

  • Jack Mangan

    Thanks for your excellent contributions to the Podtaint session, Jeremy. Remember to punch that old lady at the supermarket.

  • Ben Atkin

    Yes, some of us Phoenicians do have big houses. Over here a high electric bill during the summer is a status symbol.