PodCamp Boulder 2009


PodCamp Boulder will be held January 23-24 at the skinnycorp / Threadless office (1468 Pearl St, Boulder)

Starting at 7:00 Friday night we’ll get together over drinks and in front of a whiteboard to hash out the Saturday schedule. Knowledge to drop? Things you’ve been curious about? So long as it’s in the realm of new media (Audio, Video, Photos, Blogs/Microblogs) , it’s fair game. We’ll wrap at 9:00 having decided both what sessions / panels / discussions will be happening, and when we want to be back in the morning. (9:00-5:00 or 10:00-5:00 Saturday) All are welcome. Invite a friend. Bring your gear, bring a good attitude.

Snack / Drink sponsors still welcome, contact jeremy at jeremytanner.com or call at 248-990-3862

Slice of Lime

Edit: Slice of Lime sponsored Beer on Friday and Bagels, Juice and Vitamin Waters for Saturday

Josh of Flying Dog came down with a keg of the K-9 Cruiser!

Big thanks to both!

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If you’re Downtown Boulder tonight The Bunker (TechStars space) is holding a Hacknight from 5:00-8:00, bring a project of just come kick it with the other code monkeys. Gnip will be providing pizza!

If you’re in Boulder and either of these events has taken you by suprise, head over to Boulder.me and subscribe to the Boulder Calendar and never again wonder where the fun’s at.

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