PodCamp Boulder 2010


What seemed the most popular question after Boulder’s first PodCamp 10 months ago was, “When’s the next one?” … It’s back!

PodCamp Boulder 2 will be held January 22-23, 2010 at the skinnycorp / Threadless office (1468 Pearl St, Boulder)

How’s it going down?

Starting at 7:00 Friday night we’ll get together over drinks and in front of a whiteboard to hash out the Saturday schedule. Knowledge to drop? Things you’ve been curious about? So long as it’s in the realm of creating / posting (Audio, Video, Photos, Blogs/Microblogs) , it’s fair game. We’ll wrap at 9:00 having decided both what sessions / panels / discussions will be happening, and when we want to be back in the morning. (9:00-5:00 Saturday) All are welcome. Invite a friend. Bring your gear, bring a good attitude.

Still not sure? Check out PodCamp in the words of last year’s attendees.

Awesome sponsors making PodCamp happen:
Blue Microphones

Slice of Lime

Questions? Comment below or contact jeremy at jeremytanner.com / 248-990-3862

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Looking for the PodCamp Boulder 2009 page?

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  • http://efrodriguez.com Ef Rodriguez

    Hell yes!

    This is an incredible event. So much energy, passion, nerdery and fresh breath.

    Can’t wait!

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  • http://msherrwhenonline.com Ms. Herr / @MsHerr

    Scheming my way up there! I want to come up a day or two early and cowork. With everything I hear about Boulder, I imagine the challenge is not so much finding a place to work out of as deciding which one of the so many awesome places to work out of. Looking forward to it. :)

  • http://benatkin.com/ Ben Atkin

    I’m looking forward to it! Will the skinnycorp / Threadless office be big enough? It seems like there could be a pretty high attendance.

  • http://jeremytanner.com Jeremy Tanner

    @Ben et al. The office space is pretty big, though there is an overflow plan in place in the event of very high attendance. Bring a friend!


  • http://rynoweb.com Chuck Reynolds

    not rollin 800+ people like Phx? ;) That’s pretty nuts to control tho… I’d honestly have to buy some sort of jacket to get up there… I think I’d freeze.
    But I’m not on a panel at Wordcamp Boston so not flyin over there that weekend… though I’ll be in Vegas the weekend before… maybe a redirect from vegas to boulder is in order? Any coworking open near you guys that week?

  • http://geekmommy.net Lucretia Pruitt

    Phew! Okay I can actually MAKE it this year! Woot! :)

  • http://jeremytanner.com Jeremy Tanner

    @Chuck Give it time. This is Boulder’s second go round. Redirect from Vegas. Would love to have you here. Coworking? I’ll guarantee you a desk and some internet. Do it.


  • http://benatkin.com/ Ben Atkin

    Great to hear about there being lots of space and an overflow plan! Really looking forward to it.

  • http://pmerrill.com/ paul merrill

    This is the best BEST social media event I’ve been to.

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  • http://blindinfluence.com Brett Greene

    Looking forward to this one being even better than last year’s Podcamp …can that be possible?

  • http://im.sprouticus.net Lesley Yarbrough

    Really looking forward to this! :)

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  • John R Carlisle

    Looking forward to Podcamp! Its been a year since I visited Boulder so I am really excited!

    John R Carlisle

  • Kevin Cullis

    I’ll be there, found out about it last night.

  • http://www.workingknowledge.com/blog/ andrea meyer

    Podcamp last year was great, looking forward to this year’s!

  • http://rudymedia.com Deb Robison

    Will there be ice cream sandwiches?

  • http://jeremytanner.com Jeremy Tanner

    @Deb Beer and Snacks Friday night, Breakfast Bagels on Saturday. There is a Cefiore on the same block if your frozen treat cravings become too much to bear.


  • http://www.lijit.com Matt Haltom

    Will there be high-fives to go around? If so I’m there!

  • http://jeremytanner.com Jeremy Tanner

    @Matt You have my personal guarantee… There will be high-fives!


  • http://jvondproductions.com JVonD

    I’m planning on attending so far. Thanks! ~J

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