Seven things you don’t need to know

Certified Boater!
Watch out! Meme train coming through!!  I didn’t duck fast enough when Chuck Reynolds sent it my way, and before I could post I was re-tagged by Naim Falandino so prepare to enjoy: Seven things you likely don’t know about me.

Breaking a meme-chain isn’t dangerous like walking under a ladder or dropping a mirror right? Because this one looks like it’s going to end with me. The tubes are pretty saturated with 6th photo and 7 things posts… I guess we’ll have to wait for the 8 something meme.

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  • Stepan

    Meme breaking is a major crime and you will get your judgement day.

  • Naim

    Haha, thanks for humoring me. I don’t go much for the meme thing myself. Figured I might as well share the pain.

  • Matt

    I always wonder what it would be like to do the polar bear thing.

    but I doubt my nuts would ever forgive me if I actually went through with it.

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  • Jeremy

    @Matt They’ll forgive you. Just jump in the sauna afterwards. It’s still winter here, fortune favors the bold, make the jump!

  • Brandy Radey

    You can knit me a scarf or take me water skiing anytime, @penguin! : ) Thanks for sharing…was fun to read. See ya at next social media nerdfest!