Startup Weekend Boston

A nice thing about Startup Weekend is, you can call your role anything you want, it doesn’t have to be serious and probably shouldn’t be. I ended up in a variety of roles over the weekend.

The weekend wasn’t without it’s hitches. There were some who went outside the spirit of the weekend in various ways. Some made themselves titles (Chief this, VP of that) and took them seriously. Some treated SW as the less important part of their Boston vacation. Some pushed roles onto others outside their ability or interest. The Red Sox played championship games a few miles away Saturday and Sunday. The HD camera bricked most of the way through the shoot. One of the offices had a leaky roof.The weekend was full of high points too. Teams getting serious work done as those who were interested stayed. There were silly mustaches and goofy singing. 7 minute meetings featuring Yoga. A dinnertime acoustic set from Samantha Murphy. Launching the site as the Sox clinched the series Sunday night. But mostly, real friendships that transcend the weekend and the 2,000 miles from Boston back to Boulder.The weekend ended on a bum note for me as my laptop was stolen shortly before my flight out, still, it was a great experience.Lessons Learned, In no particular order,

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  • brett

    Sounds like a kick ass weekend. Sorry to hear about your laptop voodoo. It was awesome to meet you and Jeff last night. Let’s hang out soon!

    My plans:
    Leopard tomorrow… Friday night plans… running some OS updates…. geekin’ it up!