The Fun Returns

After a hiatus with both Andrew and I being out of town, Where The Fun’s At is back. We have to relearn our setup using a new camera (1/20th the cost of the last one) We’re a bit rusty, so please forgive us…

South by Southwest
30 Hour Day
Jeffrey is now at Digg
Jake & Shondi’s baby Dash
Ignite Boulder
Ken Block will be racing a Fiesta in Rally America and a Focus in WRC
Ironman AZ
PodCamp Boulder is January 22nd & 23rd
Tahoe Snowcial
Andrew, Hammer and Jeremy

  • paul merrill

    Thought of you, Jeremy, when I saw the story of the 8-year-old who is on the on U.S. Terror Watch List. (Just that I don’t see you as a threat to national security.)