Where The Fun’s At

Where The Funs At from Andrew on Vimeo.

Announcing “Where The Fun’s At”, a show that Andrew Hyde and myself will be making. WTF@ for short. This sprung from the both of us wanting to make more videos. Andrew I’m sure needed to justify last week’s purchase of the Canon 5D Mark II (After only a short time hands-on, it’s my favorite gadget of the last year. Jared has one you can play with on the cheap, don’t touch it unless you’re serious though, the check will start to write itself for you.) There’s a few reasons as to why I’m involved. I want to be more comfortable on video. I’m looking to improve my writing. I’m learning to be a more effective communicator. I have a few ideas that are perfectly suited for a video show. Making videos is a great way to accomplish these. WTF@ is tongue in cheek enough and sounds more interesting than “The Jeremy and Andrew Show” So there is is. We have a lot of ideas as to what the show will become, but before that,

What would you like to see?

PostScript: Andrew’s Thoughts on the matter…

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  • nancy compton

    You guys crack me up. Looks like you are indeed having fun.

    Thanks for asking for feedback. While you guys probably have it covered, I’ll toss out a few things.

    How about you take us on a tour of some of your fave places in Boulder? Commercial like promotions of the events you guys offer to the community (Ignite, PodCamp)? Might give folks that are wondering about the events (but haven’t got up the gumption to attend) a realization they are fun and not so scary.

  • http://learntoduck.com Micah Baldwin

    Great first effort. A couple of things that I have learned playing around with video.

    1) good energy.
    2) there is a bad echo (probably because the room is so big).
    3) is the content written? It feels like you guys are reading.
    4) Interested to see where it goes. Its great so far!

  • http://dannyholland.tumblr.com Danny Holland

    Nice work guys, can’t wait for future episodes!

    Any thoughts about throwing a shotgun mic on that 5D so everyone can hear your pretty voice better.

  • http://zerologic.com Michael Sitarzewski

    Great idea. Let me know if I can help in any way. Oh, you guys need mics.

  • http://mypartofcolorado.blogspot.com/ paul merrill

    Love the backdrop. Very well chosen.

  • http://www.artifacting.com/blog hubs

    Dang. The first time I comment here and the post gets deleted. What a buzzkill.

  • http://prophotorental.com Jared K.

    Hey guys-

    Things are looking good!

    However, they’re not sounding so good…..get an external mic and plug it into that 5D MK II. Hang the mic off-camera above your heads and BINGO! you’re sounding nice & loud with no echo.

    One other note: Andrew’s personal brand perfume could be:
    Don’t Run and Hyde.

    Huh? What do you think?

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of these. Keep ‘em coming. (Now I’m off to go find those large bags of money to send you. ‘Last I saw, there was some Scottish duck diving through them.)